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The ‘How to’ of Covering an Event Successfully

It’s about that time of year.  Your life will soon be filled with fashion shows, conferences,  after parties, and after after parties.  Within the week, this also means everyone will also try to be coercing you to visit their new showroom, check out their new line, or attend their special event.  It can be exhausting.  We’ll give you some tips on how to successfully cover an event while making readers feel like they were right there with you!

The Basics. First of all, you should include all of the details of the event.  Where was it?  Who sponsored or hosted it? What was it for?  These are important details that sometimes we forget!

Opinions! As always, you will need to write in your voice.  Give the readers your feedback.  How was the vibe of the event?  What did you think of the collection/preview/etc?  How were the panelists at the conference? Be honest.  Even if you have a negative feeling of what happened, tell the truth.  Readers will appreciate your opinions and you will gain more credibility for it.

Take photos.  While at an event, you can easily get scooped up into conversations or networking.  Don’t forget to set aside time to take photos of what’s going on.  Otherwise, it will be pretty difficult to create an interesting post.  As a last note, be prepared for the location.  If it’s an evening or indoor event, make sure to bring the proper photography equipment.

The Scoop.  There is always going to be scoop at an event.  Write what you experienced so that readers can feel like fellow insiders!  Did you meet someone famous?  Did the designer throw a hissy fit?  Did someone spill a drink on someone else?  Giving as much interesting detail as possible will only help it feel more relatable.

The most important part is making the post personal.  Anyone can attend an event, but each person has a different experience.  Share your unique view with your readers!

What upcoming events do you plan on covering?


  1. Christen says:

    Great post! Most important USE YOUR OWN VOICE! Readers relate to personal opinions so make sure to make it personal :)

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