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Getting Your Blog Ready for the Holidays

If you are like me and absolutely love the holidays you might be wondering how you can pull the festive spirit into your blog. It is important to make sure that your blog’s brand shines and that you focus on topics that your readers expect to see, but it’s ok to add a little festive flair along the way.

Another important thing to think about during the holidays is time (or lack there of). Preparing yourself ahead of time for last minute get togethers and time away will allow you to enjoy the holidays more and step away from the computer.

Write now, party later

One of the best things a blogger can do for themselves (any time of year but especially during the holidays) is to create an editorial calendar with posts set for a week to two weeks ahead of time. This doesn’t mean you need to have a post for every single day, instead maintain a schedule with posts less frequently. As one of our #blogtrends chatters, @GritandGlamour, pointed out, it is ok to post less during the holidays because people will also be reading less.

Adding some easy festive flair

If you want to bring some of your decorating spirit into your blog try changing some easy to update elements. It is important to not go to crazy with changes because 1.) you will likely be more busy than normal and the last thing you want to do is add hours of coding nightmare to your schedule, and 2.) you don’t want your readers to show up and not be able to recognize your blog or have to dig through holiday cheer to find your content. You can add some flair with simple things like header colors, festive social media icons (find some here, here, & here), or a fun holiday inspired graphic (here, here & here).

Everyone loves a gift!

If there was ever a time to have fun with giveaways now is the time! Even if you blog is not sponsored and your short on cash you can certainly get creative with this. A great idea would be to find a great seasonal look and thrift the look! Not only can you generate a whole post about the process of thrifting the look, you can then give the entire look away as a gift to your readers. Some other ideas would be to shed some of your own great pieces, put together simple gift baskets, or if your talented enough, make a 1 of a kind item.

 What are some of your favorite holiday traditions? How have you incorporated them into your blog?


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